Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Valley of Fire: Day One, Part 1

the thing about road tripping with we a-go-gos is we're pokey. we research our route and hang out on yelp looking for places that may strike our fancy. when major map gazing is involved, i drive while the mister navigates as i am not the best at map reading, i get all topsy-turvy and a wee bit carsick as well. the best thing about being pokey and leaving early is that we have plenty of time for me to stop for photo ops. thank the magic camera stars that the mister doesn't mind me hollering stop when i see an abandoned house covered in graffiti. which is exactly what happened in the tiny town of yermo...three houses, all done up. not really the best and most fancy of tagging but still, the houses made me happy and the blue skies made for nice we noodled along, we stopped in vegas to try out a breakfast place that had decent yelp reviews. it was okay, not great but doable. what we did find that we thought cool was a chinatown which for some reason was actually full of vietnamese places and more pho specials than i have ever seen. next time we'll get pho but really, it's vegas and chances of us being there again are super slim. we're not fans, even driving through icked out big time. it was 10am and hot and traffic was stupid and everyone on the road had something to prove or compensate for. no, we're not fans of vegas but i would like to wander about and take pictures someday. because the day was so freaking blinding, i started to get blurry vision. i have a crazy strong prescription and have not gotten any sunglasses filled because it always feels weird to me. we hot a vegas drug store and got me some stylin' granny shades to fit over my cat's eyes. what d'ya think? am i super cool or what? i can't afford vanity when my vision is at stake and besides, how much do i look like granny here?
the drive into the valley was super nifty. there were dark clouds rolling all around us and as we rollercoasted on the up-down, windy road we could see crinkly-crooked jabs of lightening far, far ahead and below. super cool. we figured that even though the sky would be cloudy, at least we could spend one day without super hot heat.
i've never been to the valley of fire but i've seen pictures of it (thank you flickr!) and even when you know it is going to be brilliant and red it is still startling to turn a corner of grey and beige to see that crazy mountain of scarlet. oh wow! we paid our park fee and drove on in. destination campsite...


  1. You got to treat yourself to some Rx sunglasses, they are the bomb. Next time you need to replace your glasses, or get a new Rx, keep your eyes & ears open for one of those specials at somewhere like lenscrafters. You know, BOGO or similar. I waited years & thought was too frivolous, but been glad ever since. Happy summer!

  2. Oooh! Can't wait to see your Valley of Fire pictures!! You take such nice road trip pictures.

    It's a little eerie (in a very good way) that we like a lot of the same places. Valley of Fire, Carrizo Plain, Eastern Sierras...

    Man, I love this state!

  3. Oh yeah, forgot to mention if you like abandoned houses- have you been out to Trona? Not far from Death Valley.

    Trona Pinnacles is a really neat-o place, too. You can camp there and pretend you're on Lost in Space. :)