Wednesday, June 17, 2009

super trooper

For a quick second back in the dawn of the eighties, I was a Girl Scout. I wasn't your average Girl Scout, nor was our troop. Our leader unfortunately only lasted a few months and the troop disbanded after her breakdown. My favorite part of the Girl Scouts really was my uniform. Growing up, my family had very little money and so I was forced to wear a vintage Girl Scout uniform . It was that wonderful gray green dress with a collar and buttons and so many pleasing details. I was in love with my dress and was equally delighted when in high school, I realized that though I was not a Girl Scout or a tiny eleven year old for that matter, I could still wear the a top...over jeans...and so I did.

I had no clue as to how the Girl Scouts worked and looking back as an adult I feel saddened that I didn't. What a neat organization chock-full of industry, spunk and craftiness, you know, save for the semi-exclusiveness of some of the troops. Though I wasn't an honest to goodness Girl Scout, I never earned a badge, we didn't have any time for it, I dabbled in the troopy arts. In first grade I was a Pixie and in Sixth, a Campfire Girl. I guess I had enough of the idea of the scouts in me that I tucked it all away in my heart and believed I would always be a scout. While my career as a scout of any kind wasn't long or productive, my mother was a troop leader or helper or something when my sister was a young one, and my sister was at the very least a brownie and when we were reunited many years after her disappearance she taught me the best thing she remembered...Magic Marshmallow Puffs.

I have vague memories of my seventeen year old self dipping something into melted butter and cinnamon. I remember there were marshmallows involved and that it was very, very tasty. I remember my sister and I flattening and tossing and laughing and baking all to the merry soundtrack of Pee-Wee's Big Adventure. It was a great summer and it was the first time my sister and I got to know each other. Years later when I tried to reproduce that tasty treat, I got the order of everything all mixed up and ended up with a marshmallow something that to me was even tastier...hop on over to scrumdilly-do to see what kind of tasty mess I made.


  1. Love your scouting stories!

    Back in the 70's I got a badge in macrame. That is only slightly embarrassing. I don't believe there even is a real badge for macrame, but my troop got blank ones and made our own.

    I never got a badge for camping (I wish I had) but a few years back I picked up some for me and my friends when we went camping. I feel like we 'earned' them! ;)
    Can I send you one? You've certainly earned it!

  2. Anonymous12:06 PM

    I didn't make it to Scouts, but I was a Brownie in elementary school. My family didn't have much money either, so I had to wear the old 1950s style dress while all the other girls in my troop got to wear pants and a tunic. I was so envious of them!

  3. I love Girl Scouts! I was a scout until junior high and was my girls' troop leader for 7 years! It was alot of fun and lots of craziness. My girls quit in middle school. It wasn't cool to be a scout any more. It's sad really.I have some left over badges too if you would like a few! You could even do the steps to earn them. lol

  4. Cheetah: in my twenties, i wanted to bring back macramé in a big way but never even attempted to figure it out. i would adore a badge!

    chez shoes: i wish i had a vintage brownie uniform! when i was a pixie, there were no uniforms really, just orange and brown turtlenecks. my best friend was a bluebird nd i liked her vest.

    cathy: the mister & i keep thinking we need to form a new kind of scout group for teens to teach basic life skills and camping stuff. i think it would be a blast. i would be happy to work for some badges!

  5. those marshmallows look really good!

    And I wish I had been a girl scout, but my parents never got around to signing me up :(

  6. Jek-
    My email address is over on my blog if you want to send me your address!

    I think it would be fun to bring back the macrame, but it would probably just be one more 'start and never finish' craft to add to my collection. If they gave away badges for that, I'd be in great shape!

  7. I was a scout until 6th grade, and have been involved as an adult GS with my daughter for 5 yrs now. My husband is also a registered Girl Scout :) You can be a leader without having a kid in the troop & they are always looking for leaders. I think you'd ROCK!