Friday, June 26, 2009

friday fun

i had my final round of needle-ness at the allergist today. phew! after all the shots were tallied up, i hit LACMA to check out the Your Bright Future show (which is in BCAM) on its first day before all the hanging plastic got trashed. mr. a-go-go is a preparator and his team had to deal with all that plastic from start to finish. some artist thought, hey, wouldn't it be neat to have a room of hanging garlands made from plastic crap? apparently someone did so that person got a lot of money to send someone out to purchase all that plastic crap and then my mister and his team got to build it. that's the art world for ya. full of ideas that artists don't actually do themselves. pretty screwy.crap or not, the garlands make for a pretty site. you can walk through it and take pictures and it has quite a visual impact. if you go into the show, most of it is contempory art crap but there were a few pieces that i really liked like the giant doll housey piece and the room with the video of the artist standing in six different countries. there is a rabbit couch that i desperately wanted to stand on for Bench monday but there's no picture taking in BCAM and i guess the artist wouldn't want me standing on their that's it. i hit LACMA before mr. a-go-go's lunch and took oodles of pics of plastic crap and then we split a sandwich and he took me in to see the Pompei show which is really neat, super neat, actually and then we hit BCAM. the mister had to get back to work so i hung out and took some more pics and trekked back to the i was driving away i spotted this lady's vehicle and pulled right into another spot and hunted them down where we tried tricking the kids into picture taking poses and then added our own take to the public installation in the park. if yer in L.A. you should check it out. it may not last too long and there's plenty of space to keep the kidlets amused.


  1. This post just made my day. So colorful and I love how you refer to Mr. A-go-go as the mister:) Too cute!

  2. Your such a sweet person..

  3. wow, that seems like a LOT of fun! :)


  4. Wow! The plastic crap looks beautiful. The Mister did a fabulous job building the display.