Wednesday, June 24, 2009

you find the oddest things...

when cleaning out your casa. the lovely Tara of the pink couch commented that she thought there must be all sorts of fun things floating about the tiny casa and i suppose she is right...this one is for you my friend!


  1. i found always babydolls creepy...and these tiny dolls are also creepy...i imagine these dolls to move around at night...

    love your blog!

    greetings from germany

  2. I just broke out in the biggest laugh. The kids are looking at me strangely. Years ago, I had those little plastic babies all over my baby shower cake for nearly 17 years. Allyn, my BFF, baked the cake and they were her attempt at decorations. For years later I found those babies everywhere. Al messed with my head! She put them in the flower beds and the couch and kitchen cabinets. Still cracks me up.
    I've got your GS book ready for when ever you want to start up. Just need an address sent to :)

  3. love the bambi + circus dude couple.

  4. Very weird.. the strangest thing i ever saw.. LOL

  5. I love, love, LOVE those tiny dolls!!! I love creepy baby dolls and am thinking about naming my new perzine in that title, actually. are these tiny dolls yours? I want them... LOL