Friday, August 29, 2008

Duty Time

It is just after six in the mornin' and I'm dressed, sans shoes but I'm dressed. The oatmeal is on the stove and my peanut butter & banana sandwich on toasted wheat bread is already packed and waiting for my lunchtime which will be enjoyed in the busy, noisy, dusty, smoggy, dirty, niftiness that is downtown Los Angeles. I have jury duty today. I'm going to be wearing icky clashing sneakers with my wide legged jeans because I will be doing a bit of walking and it is summer and my sad feet are very unhappy right now. I am not a cell phone person, I have no laptop and there are no computers in the assembly room so I will have many hours of sitting on plastic molded chairs, shifting to accommodate the painful tail-bone. I will also read up half a dozen magazines and then move on to books for school, unless of course I get called into the room, the room that makes me feel stupid and nervous especially when I have to stand in the jury box and talk about myself. Then I get all nervous and shaky and people snicker and I want to kick them and then run away crying. I am not quite into public, with that all written while my eyes are still trying to focus, I leave you with happy colors, vivid patterns and a fun toy I made for the Birthday-Birdie. Happy Friday!


  1. Awww I hope you make it through jury duty. If you get nervous and shaky, just think about that lovely pile of fabric waiting for you at home.

  2. oh i feel bad... I had jury duty for the first time last year and I sat there ALL day and never got picked! it was sooo boring!!