Sunday, August 10, 2008


The grapes are ever so slowly coming in and the mister has already made two batches of concord grape juice! We have even stocked up on cheesecloth so hope to be in the purple stuff all month long. It's a good thing too as the blackberries are winding down and our sweet tooth needs tapping. Last year when he tried making grape juice from our concords he couldn't figure out how to get the juice to purple up. Praise be the internet and now we know! The juice is so so so so sweet and a rich vibrant purple AND it is pulpy! We a-go-gos lurve our pulp! Yesterday morning we had a delightful breakfast out in the garden, flies be damned. We were early enough that they weren't attacking just yet. As we sat in the shade of the early morning we were treated to a jamboree of nature that one assumes does not party in the city. There was a pair of morning doves building a nest (stupid birds are yet again going to be fodder for the falcon), hummingbirds zipping about, big black bumblebees nuzzling the pumpkin blossoms, angry mocking birds letting out their warning cry and then, then...the coolest thing...a pair of woodpeckers! They were hanging out in the garden, swooping here and catching bugs there and they were large and spotty and made so many different cries it was the neatest thing. Oh and the japanese beetles are back as well as a freaky newcomer to the delight of the ants. Something bigger, browner and ickier than aphids, these guys were HUGE and prickly and it was like a milking contest for our ants. Sadly, we lost a tomato plant to them but hopefully we'll get a few more oh and it looks like the cucumber is done as well. I am going to miss my lunches of tomato and cucumber sandwiches. Next up is fall lettuce, carrots and hopefully snap peas. Soon, we will have a small handfull of tangerines and next year we'll have a good dose of blood oranges. Sometimes, living in the seed can be just as charming as the country. Sometimes.This week I am off to yet another weeklong intensive. This one is called the foundations of teaching art to children.. I can't wait! Happy August everyone!


  1. I want to grow grapes *SO* bad. I need to just buck up and try a few of the coastal varieties.

  2. mmmm that grape juice looks di-VINE !!! wow... I am so lame...

  3. Oh, seeing the grapes on the top reminds me of when I was a kid and we went to my aunt's house! So sweet!