Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Guerilla Girls (for a day)

Last Wednesday I had a swell and fortunate time of playing with flickr folk and newfound friends. Our original plan that we made two months ago consisted of this grand idea that we would all traipse down to my local Red Cross and donate our crafty blood to the cause. It figures that Wednesdays are the day that my Red Cross doesn't draw blood from that location. Never to frown upon mishaps, we decided we will donate blood next time on a different day of the week or we would find a nifty blood mobile and do it there and then of course find a lovely bakeshop to up our blood sugar back to normal. Instead of the great big blood date (as we were calling it), I sent out an email assignment to come prepared with some guerilla art projects (this book is a great jumping off point.). We were going to get our art on and perform random acts of kindness and fun. That sounded like a delightful plan...and it was!I put together wee drawstring bags with tiny painted locks, happy lengths of ribbon, long strips of card stock and of course sharpies and keys. The idea would be to decorate your lock, write a happy message out on the paper, laminate with contact paper, punch a hole and lock it up with the lock somewhere out where the world could find it. My good gal SoMany took it a step further and added notes to the keys and left the key out there for someone to find and a note as to where to find the lock. It would be a found scavenger hunt! Yes! I know! my head is spinning I tell ya, SPINNING with ideas! I am dizzy with them...ideas that is.
Ms. SoMany brought along clear contact paper and GIANT sharpies. We wrote out messages of kindness and stuck them on walls and such. Like graffiti only not damaging in any way to someone else's property. I know, we're rebels, totally.
The problem with all these great ideas was there simply wasn't enough time to do them all. The lovely rosiefruit brought along rice cakes, peanut butter and birdseed and we were going to tie guerilla bird feeders in the park.
Then there was Ms. Jenny's idea of moss graffiti which we did not get to see because Jenny rocks her busy, busy work for the ever fabulous Craft Magazine.
After much planning and thinking of how we were going to execute all the fun, we ended up invading the space at Reform School (Thank you Tootie!), arting it up on the floor and tables, playing with the Art-O-Mat and then leaving secret messages on the telephone pole outside. It was a truly delightful day of jumping, arting, rak'ing, and laughter....lots and lots of laughter!

How lucky am I?


  1. excellent concept, I like it
    wery well
    still having fun and taking photos
    Visit my blog jejeje

  2. oh i TOTALLY love the lock idea!!! such a great idea!

  3. Lol... you girls are so fun! Love the first picture of you all jumping!!!!
    So fun!

  4. Fantastic stuff! Go you!

  5. You are very lucky! How fun!