Thursday, August 14, 2008

winding down

My current class is winding down, tomorrow is the last day. How sad! I have learned all sorts of nifty tricks for cartooning and such and have discovered that charcoal is not my friend. Here's today's big project in class....sigh...

Next week is paper writing and catch up week (the casa is a DISASTER!) and then the week after that is jury duty and then the week after that more school. Goodness, do I need a breath or what?


  1. I like them! I have always wanted to do a few "fun" drawings of the classic art class still lifes. Drawings, with a a light heart, sort of a whimsical take on the traditional shaded apple. Yours remind me of that. I would totally put them up, they make me smile!

  2. Anonymous12:15 AM

    *in french borgousie voice* cartooning art?! zat iz an outrage!!! i shall tell senor Ingres and Senor Borgerou about zis! zey will not be hapee !! oh ho ho !!


    and charcoal not easy?! how so?! ahhh cause you used stick charcoal ever try compressed? treid to use it in Larrys class he wanted me to use the others, whcih was mega hard cause i had broken fingers and was VERY used to working with compresed pencil version! he wasnt very happy that i did se la vee. this is why im sometimes afraid to take art school cause my own training from other teachers will clash so much with the others there, and ill feel ill be going backward instead of forward when i know that the fundamentals are the best lol.

    Panditha(Damian Crowley)