Monday, September 01, 2008

a return to the week in review

I wasn't planning on going back to the week in review but you folks out there keep asking me about it so here ya go. It does tweak the way one lives when you know you will be sharing it with others in an inspirational way. Would anyone really want to look at a photo collage of television watching, schoolwork and floor sweeping? Perhaps. I was on jury duty so I didn't plan much for the week knowing that at any time I may be called in. I couldn't really start any projects that would involve more than one day so I kept close to home. I visited with friends, hung out with some nifty kidlets, walked...a lot and actually did manage a day of jury duty. Here's hoping September is as productive and colorful as August.


  1. mmm those apples look good! I want to make an apple pie now!

  2. Anonymous6:22 AM

    I don't always comment, but your week in review pics always make me smile with their cheeriness and bright colors.

  3. Love the bags awesome and what a great idea!!
    hugs ginger