Friday, February 29, 2008

Bunnies are here! (almost)

They still need bows and closing and cello, but the bulk of them are done! Phew! Madness, I tell you, madness! You want one now right? I will be updating the shop by Monday. You can pre-order them from me here if ya like, the cost is a little less since there are no extra fees but these bunnies are sooo perfect and will last much longer than the real chocolate deal. No tummy aches, no cavities, just pure handmade goodness!

I'm baking biscuits right now to surprise the mister with breakfast since I've been up before the sun even thought about it. Soon, I will be off for some breakfasting with a very special leap year gal! Happy Birthday Leets!


  1. These bunnies look good enough to eat ;-)

    Racheal x

  2. Jen M.6:54 AM

    Hi there, I want to order two bunnies directly from you. Do I flickrmail you or do you have an email? Jen