Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I'm still celebrating!

How could I not when I have all this eye candy to look at here. The mister baked me a toffee cupcake from this cookbook. I don't think it was actually very toffee flavored but it was pretty darn yummy. I do believe we will bake these again. We used a dark chocolate bar that arrived in the mail from a flickr friend and the combination of brown sugar, honey and chocolate was divine. Dark chocolate is growing on me, more and more each day. And, since I'm not much of a frosting person, we used whipped cream on top. Now that is something I can sink my teeth into. They're even good without anything on top. but I suppose that is how baked goods are. All that butter, sugar and sweetness, how can it be bad? Oh wait, here's how...I adore merengue cookies. It was one of the first recipes my mamos taught me when I was a little girl. They were like magic. How could and egg become this? How could something lighter than air taste so dreammy? Don't they look dreamy? The lavender food color swirling about, the fresh lavender buds taking a dive into the sweetness? A dozen or so dollops onto the parchment paper and I was tap dancing for some goodness. And then, the waiting, waiting, waiting. Oh how I waited. I got myself all in a "mood" for these cookies. I put on a lovely pair of olive green leggings and wrapped myself up in the softest navy blue dress and then I curled up on the sofa with a cup of jasmine tea and a viewing of one of my all time childhood favorite flicks, Shirley temple's Little Princess. I wrapped myself up in a charcoal gray blanket as witch-baby curled up on my lap for a snooze and I waited. I waited and watched and waited and cried at the poor treatment our little princess received. I cried at the magnificent feast the neighbor brought to the girls and I bawled only like Margaret O'brien could when Sarah found her father but he didn't remember her. I cried, I sniffled, I sobbed and I waited for those darn cookies to dry themselves out. And then I remembered, "Oh crap!" that I had left the oven ON, yikes! I rushed to the kitchen tripping over the cat, slipping on the blanket knocking over the now-cold tea, grasping the waistband of my slipping off leggings. I opened the oven door to find a dozen dry, brittle no-longer-lavender blobs of merengue. I lifted one up off the parchment and it felt like a merengue should so I took a bite and then shook my head. Oh Jessica, I thought. You are a dolt. They may have been ugly but had I bothered to put sugar in them they may have been good. Note to self. Always use a timer and always add a least a little sugar.


  1. Ah Lobster girl! you are the cutest.

    It's times like these you need a dog as well as a witch baby! 'Cause they will give you big licky cuddles and still think you're fab regardless of your cooking skills. Plus they will eat all the cookies with gusto and think you're super for making them just for them! :P

  2. Anonymous7:07 PM

    My dear friend made me a birthday cake where she had accidentally used salt instead of sugar. :(

    Ah well - they LOOKED pretty.

    x Helen

  3. i always tend to use less sugar anyway but somehow, using NO sugar really doesn't do it for me....;)