Friday, February 08, 2008

go figure...

I go into Whole Foods for lunchy-goodness and come out with a bottle of their version of Vitamin Water (NOT recommended) and four candy bars. That's me, healthy girl!

Seriously though, only one of the bars was for me. The one up there. For so long I have been a milk chocolate kind of girl. I love me some sweet milk chocolate and never passed up an opportunity to scrunch up my nose at the icky dark stuff. However, I am a maturing woman (snort!) and my taste buds have grown sophisticated...or maybe I have lost all sense of flavor due to my anosmia. Either way, I am beginning to develop a fondness for the dark stuff. I still think I prefer the milk chocolate but the dark is growing on me. I like my cakes and baked goods darker than not and I prefer my hot chocolate to be spicy and bittersweet so who knows, maybe I am actually maturing here. You may still be wondering why I only picked up candy bars at the market of all markets. The candy bars are gifts for long past due swaps I owe. I was short on time and their salad bar had experienced a mishap. The sandwich line was too, too long and the food counter had no sesame tofu, roasted potatoes or corn & arugula salad so I grabbed a bottle of the water, which was/is really , really not-so-good, I got the green tea flavor. Blech! As I got into line I remembered I needed some chocolates to send out and there ya go. Three for them and one for me. I work my way slowly through a chocolate bar. A cadbury creme egg, I will devour in an instant and then wonder why I did that, a chocolate bar I savor...and I like to dance around and sing "I've got a Golden Ticket!"...Truly, I do!


  1. Anonymous4:13 AM

    We just started reading Charlie and the Chocolate factory yesterday! Already finished chapter seven. I picked up some Wonka candy at the airport on our trip home and Jaylene and I each eat a Runt when we finish a chapter. There's some Sweethearts too, to help us through the Glass Elevator. Any chocolatey crafts in the future for scrumdillydo?

  2. Ha, We are so alike in some ways. I was always a milk choc kinda girl but I'm slowly warming to the dark side. Does Darth Vader have anything to do with this ?:) A friend bought me a sampler of Michel Cluziel for my birthday last year. It really helped me start to develop my palate a bit more. Some are fruity, others spicy. It's pretty impressive. And I am a total wonka nut. It rivals my Oz addiction.