Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Oh what a Mornin'

It really was too delightful to wake up and start the day. How could I when it was warm enough for the window to be open and all the birds were out chirp, chirp, twittering away? The cat did not attempt to sleep on my head or hip or feet and it was just cool enough to lay there daydreaming and dozing. I am so glad I changed out the flannel pillowcases for something a little sunnier. I can't wait for spring to be sprung!

I never got back on track yesterday for all that I have to do, but I did manage to free the printed bunnies from their long line of fabric and most got their backing fabric matched to them. Today I will put the machine to work and then plop myself in front of the tellie-fridge and watch some cheesy chick-flick or perhaps I'll have me a Gilmore Girl's marathon (ya gotta love birthday gifts!). The funky pain which may be some sort of allergy related thing (I really hope, hope, hope not) is finally fading so I'm pretty sure I'll be downward-dogging it in a few days. And now I must chow down on the magic smoothie and not too pretty (my fault) oatmeal that the mister left for me this morning when I swore to hime I was getting up just as he was leaving oh about three hours ago. Eeps! Oh and how dorky am I that I am excited to do laundry today because I can hang them out to dry? Yay for sunny weather!


  1. Lobby girl, this was such a fun post! Is the Teev in a fridge? I need a pic :)

    It's coming onto Autumn here, and I'm so glad, I'm a bit over the hot weather!

  2. Anonymous7:29 PM

    Your bed is so inviting, I'm not surprised it is hard to get up.

    You seem so settled and happy lately - which is so nice.

    Go Jekkie!

  3. Anonymous7:30 PM

    Whoops - last comment from Helen stripy sock - forgot to sign off!