Friday, July 06, 2007

Photobooth Friday: The One That Got Left Behind

the one that ot left behind
...and rediscovered! Yay!

This strip was taken after a day of cavorting around Olvera Street and Chinatown with my old friend Cat and my new flickr friend Jules. We was soooooooo tirrrrred. The booth had just been maintenanced and the flash was extra bright. All the strips came out overexposed so the nifty gal at Pull My Daisy poppedi n her magic key and let us take a bunch of strips on the house. We were good honest peoples and took only two replace the two that came out all wonky. I showed some fine restraint and left an overexposed strip behind. Now, when I feel all sad I go back to say hi and of course pop a couple of bucks into the machine to booth a little more.

This is a week of grown-up-itis. We're all ailing with old people stuff. The mister was displaying symptoms of gut troubles. I had two moles biopsied and today I am heading out to mri town to act as moral support for a friend who is getting a brain scan. Boothing it keeps us young and happy if not always as healthy as we would like. So, if you hear the ice cream man, get yourself a bomb pop and if you happen by some sprinklers, pull over and run through them and always always always wear sunscreen!

More boothers as always to the right and here.


  1. Laney2:59 AM

    you sound like such a kind person with a generous heart.Good luck at the doctor and thank you for sharing the pics.

  2. hi laney, that is really sweet for you to write. it soothes my manic soul. i've actually had friends tell me i was unkind and uncaring which hurts me to the core. your words make me smile. thank you!

  3. Jek, I can't believe anyone would ever call you unkind or uncaring! SO SO wrong, and I don't even get to experience you for "real"... so I'm thinking that being your friend "in person" would be the best!
    Hope you and the mister and anyone in your lobster pod is well and healthy. xxx steph