Monday, July 23, 2007

The Week in Review: July 16-22

Even with the ickified moments last week I managed to take some fun and colorful pictures. There were good moments, I just felt ick for most of the week. Our weekend was nice, somewhat. Poor Mr. A-go-go is being sucked dry at work and it is a terrible thing to see, his spark has dwindled. Damn work! Yet even with all the junk and ick we managed to have a few laughs.

There were packages sent and packages received and summertime cooking and fruit. There was a visit to Oki Dog where we sat amongst a cast of characters that would make your head spin. There was work, there was school business and there was as always gardening to do. We visited with granny and family and the bushee boy and I did a lot of art this week. We watched odd movies and a Godzilla flick and I managed to do a teeny tiny bit of crafting. Today I need to finish my application, do a little cleaning and hopefully some crafting.

I hope you all had a great week and if not, here's to something better!

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