Saturday, July 28, 2007

Eight Things (with pictures)...

...I have been tagged by Emily and since I am always telling and sharing just a little too much I will stick to eight things for this post and only eight things (with pictures for your viewing pleasure) goes.
number 1
1. I can't sleep with my toes dangling over the foot of the bed. Many years ago I read a short story in Twilight Zone Magazine about a bride who asked her new husband to tuck the blanket under her toes because even though she knew that there were no monsters under the bed she just couldn't sleep with her toes out and of course he laughs at her to grow up. She agrees she is being silly but in the middle of the night she is dragged under the bed and never returns. Now, everytime I wake up and my toes are off the foot of the bed, I quickly pull them up and I can see my teenage self reading that durned magazine oh so long ago.
number 2
2. I love, love, love Ovaltine. Especially in the blender with some frozen strawberries and ice to make it all frothy.
number 3
3. When I have too much to do and the house is a mess which is pretty much always, to de-stress, I pull out my suitcase of ribbon and reorganize it by color. I make nice neat towering stacks in red, green, pink, etc. and then I put them back in rainbow order.
number 4
4. Speaking of suitcases, I have a thing for suitcases. Especially old wonky cases and small cardboard cases. I horde them and then have no place to put them but then I fill them with things I then promptly forget about.
number 5
5. I love musicals. Especially old movies with dancing. Fred Astaire makes me especially happy and if I get up at any point in the movie to go to the kitchen or the bathroom I have to twirl and dip and use jazz hands or whatnot.
number 6
6.I was once on an episode of A Baby Story. I was the featured book expert and they flmed me dfoing a storytime about new brothers and sisters and then they interviewed me on the importance of reading. I got all flustery and nervous and used my hands...a lot and thankfully I have never seen the episode which is probably a good thing since I was wearing my prized autographed Bob McGrath t-shirt that was many sizes too small. I don't have the shirt any longer but I do have an autogrpahed CD.
number 7
7. I have an ancient yellow gameboy that is now being played endlessly becasue of the summer heat. The only video game I am good at or can even attempt to play is Tetris. Sometimes when I play for too long I start seeing the world around me in Tetris shapes. This was particurlay alarming when I worked a the bookstore and would stare at the shelves and shelves of books looking for gaps that would fit a blue or red "L" block.
number 8
8. I am a big fan of naps even though I feel guilty about taking them. I took two naps on Saturday. It was too hot to do anything else. The mister took a nap on the livingroom floor. He used his yoga mat as a cushion. When I nap, I sleep on my back with my glasses on until my snoring wakes me up.

For now, I tag The Caffeine fiend, my fellow lobster lover and the Dynamite Roxy. Failure to follow will result in me sending you endless postcards of car ads from Hollywood!


  1. I love suitcases too and boxes--and cigar boxes especially. That's a great idea to put ribbon in them--but I wanna see your whole stash in there!
    you must tell me your schedule again at Tinker--I gotta take the wee one!

  2. I accept your challenge, oh Jekster. Standby. - Roxy D.

  3. I put up a list o' eight. No time for pictures though. Thanks for the tag.

  4. YAY new camera yay!
    WANT polka dot suitcases.
    Okay so I'm STILL in the land of "NO" (aka mom's house in san diego), so I can't access photos and step right up to your meme-nificent challenge, but I'll be back Saturday so WATCH OUT (how's it work by the way?????? ANY 8 things????)

  5. Stacey-any 8 random things. i no it is difficult to narrow it down...heehee...have fun! see ya someday when you get back. next week is my last week at Tinker until September!

  6. moline1:54 PM

    I also love cardboard suitcases - tempted to send you one instead of a bag - will think it over and see if I find one!