Friday, July 20, 2007

Photobooth Friday: Make em' Laugh

I'm having a difficult week. Not as bad a "bad brain" week but one of those weeks where you feel like you can't do anything right and when one of the things you love doing so much is attacked by one small-minded person, you let it bug you because you are having one of THOSE weeks. Sigh. I'm also trying to wrap my head around the application process for school. I think I put it off because I am a wuss and I hate how everyone seems to know how to do stuff like this except me and why oh why am I not able to "get it"? Erk. It has been a week where I say things that come out completely snarky when that wasn't my intention. I have oodles and oodles to do and somehow manage to forget about doing them. Instead, it has been of the utmost importance to read Sweet Valley High books. I am having one of those weeks where I simply feel foolish and bummed out. But you wouldn't know it to see me. I've got my wig and clown nose on and I am determined to make y'all think I'm a happy camper. I was a happy camper in that photo above. It was almost a year ago and my sister and her family came out for a visit. It was the hottest day of the year at 118 degrees f and we decided to go thrift shopping and photoboothing. It was crazy, crazy hot and the mall was super bursting with people but we went anyway because they had air conditioning and we were hot and hungry. We had lunch, visited the booth, picked up some See's for dessert and then ran around Ikea taking pictures as if we lived there.

I hope next week is better. More photoboothers can be foud in the flickr pool. Happy July!


  1. Jek, one of the things I love about reading your blog(s) is that I am always reminded that there is joy out there, but not just any kind of joy, the joy you remind me of is that joy we had as children when everything seemed so right, the sun shone, the birds sang, the playing was fun and the troubles in our lives were irrelevant because we just knew, really knew, that life would go on and everything really was OK... because things like trying to touch the sun with your toes on a swing set was infinitely more important. Do you get what I mean?
    This post reminds me of that, not because you are so out of sorts, but because you choose joyful things... run with it, no one really gets the application process, it is hard and complicated, more than it should but it can be managed, and all will be OK.

  2. Hope next week is better for you Jek! You'll get your school applications done...let me know if you need a hand, I'm sure I can write "Jek is great" in 100 words or more!
    Sometimes you do just need to sit and read Sweet Valley High books, until you feel better.

  3. never fear jek, I am having one of those weeks too.... where I find myself less tolerant of other sprojesting there own insecurities and bitternesses onto me..... I blame overtiredness.... maybe it is that time of them month... not menstraul but lunar.... who knows.... but rest assured you are not alone this week...
    luv Abby

  4. Thank you Blair. I know exactly what you mean and that means the world to me. Thank you.

    Steph-SVH is helping. I just get all ick and then get more ick becasue I allowed myself to get ick in the first place, ya know? Today I will be crafting. I haven;t crafted all week and crafting helps me feel balanced. Thank you!

    I hope your week gets better too Abby. When these funks come they can drag me down for awhile. I just feel clueless and out of it. I guess I am glad i am not alone but I feel bad that others, you included, aren't feeling too up on things. Here's to next week! Thank you!