Friday, May 11, 2007

Photobooth Friday: A one and

potobooth friday: breaking in a new booth

I wanted to do the finger show of 1,2,3,4 but somehow I blanked out and kind of sat there much like Cindy Brady on that episode when she is in the kids t.v. trivia show and the red light hypnotizes her. At least she got a party when she got home. Me? I got to view our sad blacked out, burned out park. This strip is from the day after the fire. I t is also the first day Icould get my sad straw like hair into a ponytail which thoguh it may not work for me is a something I absolutely lurve. I felt cute and semi stylish in my dark jeans, green low tops & stiped black on black muscle-t. I also wore my new etsy purchase, a great little snail and flower piece made by Literatavian aka Adorned by Morgan. It was a hot day and I had carpooled for the first time with a fellow classmate. My lungs still hurt from the smoke and I was tired but I was also determined to get into a booth!

The new booth is in Silverlake. Clued in by Cathy and Susan, I dropped off my classmate and hit Sunset Blvd. I parked Rodney just a skip away for Casbah Cafe and walked into the new and improved Pull My Daisy and swooned. There she stood. An honest to goodness black and white photobooth. Her blue curtained self all shiny and waiting. I was home. Bingo was there of course and just as chipper as a weiner dog can be and there were loverly shoes to look (and try on) at whilst I waited for my strip. If you are in the Silverlake neighborhood, check 'em out! Super sweet, nifty folk with lots of fun indie goods to peruse.

Yesterday I had a wee mental breakdown and pity party for myself sans the balloons. I went to my nifty dentist who found even more work that needed to be done but he could do it AND knock me out also except for the fact that my insurance won't cover even a portion until next year and I can't wait until next year. I can go to another dentist but none of the drillers under my insurance plan will knock you out and I simply cannot keep my mouth open that long and the anxiety makes me sick. Really sick. So, I called the dentist and asked for an estimate and laughed myself silly. Maybe if I sold the car? I'm not kidding, it is THAT crazy. I don't know what I am going to do. sigh.

Check out more boothing boothers in the flickr pool or you can blog surf the old timers listed in the links on the right. Either way, have fun and come join us!

And...if yer in the neighborhood tomorrow, come craft for Felt Club with Jenny & myself. We'll be at the Whole Foods Market near The Grove from Noon-3pm. Bring yer kidlets and make some nifty for Mom! Read more about it!


  1. I absolutely love your glasses! (Says the girl wearing a red, more modern [i.e. less cateye, because it suits my face better] pair of her own.)x

  2. Yay for new photobooth! I haven't done the booth thing for over 10 years now :P
    Could you get a personal loan for yer teef? I know that sucks but it's all I could think of. Last year I used a credit card to pay for my dental work, which I'm still paying off now of course. Good luck, xx steph

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