Thursday, May 10, 2007

Hello My Name is Jek

cupcake swap received: magnets on my fridge

Though I prefer jek. Actually my name is Jessica but years and years and years ago when I worked at my first bookstore I inherited the name Jek. It all started in the sore when a little boy went running after his sister hollering "Jekissa! Jekissa!" It was super cute in that pudgy little legs and wee baby voice way. Later that day, Mr. Suave, a coworker who was also a friend of my brother's and a room renter at my mom's came shuffling up to me singing "Jekissa! Jekissa!" and it was cute in that "Oh my god the super cute literary guy in vintage glasses is teasing me!" kind of way. Anywhoo, he kept calling me Jekissa and then so did the rest of the crew and eventually it got shortened to "Jeksa" and "Jekkers" and now, it is Jek, ahem....jek. I do use this name when introducing myself or when in situations when there is another Jessica. When I'm somewhere that calls out your order by name, I turn into Jack for some reason.Anyway, that's my name....don't wear it out!

Today I get to see my old favorite dentist even though he isn't a part of our DMO. I trust him though and he can tell me for sure if all the work my other dentist said I need is true or not and he will tell me without making me feel like the worst person on the planet. He's awesome! He's sweet, gentle, funny and super cool. His wife runs the front office and they have a great big family AND , he's a Rabbi. Who better to drill on your teeth than a Rabbi?

My chest is still in smoke city and the barren park looks so very sad. Once again I am annoyed and angry at anyone who tosses their cigarettes and any other litter for that matter. My good friend Lalu & I once got into it when she tossed her cigarette just before going in to a store with me and when I stopped and looked at her and said "You didn't just do that!" She got angry and embarrassed and told me she'd get it later and I said I would get it NOW and well, ten years later she says she always thinks of me when she puts out her cigarette and throws it in the trash, "You were so mad!" she says. Then there was the one time Mr.A-go-go and I watched a guy toss his giant empty beer can into the street. We pulled up next to him and I rolled down my window and wished him a good morning. He was all smiles and nodding and wishing us a good morning and then I said "But I think you dropped something." He looked confused and picked up the can and looked at us and then looked at the can and I said "The trash is right there" and well, the nice guy threw it at me. Yeah. He's a prize. It was not even 9am and at least I like to think that maybe, just maybe he will remember the episode everytime he tosses something in the street and maybe, just maybe the shame and guilt will get to him and someday he might do the right thing. Probably not but we can hope right?

Only a few more weeks of school left and I have ooodles and oodles of project and papers! Yikes! Wish me well and have a happy day!


  1. first of all, i lurve your blog. it makes me superhappy. alos, i was wondering how i might get added to the coloriffic swap-o-rama? i'd love ohsomuch to be a part of it. is it too late to join the june swap? i tried e-mailing the group on the flickr page, but never got a response.

    e-mail is:

  2. Hi jenn and thank you for the blog lurve!

    all the details for how to join colorific are on the main swap page which should be visible to non-members. if you have photos of your craftiness then yer in and if not the yer not. the june swap is already closed and all other info can be found here:

    scroll down and read it thru!

  3. I love the story of how you got your name. So lovely.

    I somehow got my entire Advanced Fiction Writing class, including the teacher, to call me by my nickname, Chisel. (There were even some people that didn't know my real name!) It was probably one of the strangest and most awesome things to happen to me.

    & I was totally nodding along with you on the litter story. Ooh, gets me so angry! I hope you never stop telling people not to litter! :)

  4. Tobey9:25 PM

    I saw a man once place an empty bottle of some sugary crapola and a candy bar wrapper UNDER his vehicle as he was getting out to go into a store. I immediately went over to his van, picked it up, threw it into the garbage. I then caught up with him and informed him that he dropped some trash but I picked it up for him. He THANKED ME AND CALLED ME A SWEETHEART! Ugh...... your blog!