Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I love L.A. in the springtime....

lovely salad
Look at this salad! Just look! Isn't it just dreamy? I'd say 80 percent of it came from our garden. Okay, well...Mr.A-go-go's garden. Let's see, there is lettuce and green beans and purple beans and snap peas. There are green onions, cucucmber, carrots and strawberries and...it is garnished with some nasturtium flowers...soooo yummy! It looked so delightful I wanted to hold a mock wedding and vow my neverending lurve for all its spring timey goodness. Today I am feasting on pasta salad also chock full of goodies from the garden.

Today was busy busy. I prepped and photographed four prjects for scrumdilly-do! Phew! I is beat! I need to get some craftiness going for my coloriffic person and I guess I should actually eat that pasta sald that is calling my name.

Can I brag about the awesome paper I wrote for my film class? I got a super nifty score, a 98 and he said that only one person got a 98 and that it was exceptional(ignore definition #3)heehee. Nevermind the fact that two of us actually received a 98 but I'm going to blissfully believe that we are both exceptional.

It is Tuesday and there is no more Gilmore Girls...sad sigh. Happy Tuesday!

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  1. mm this salad looks so good and juicy.