Thursday, September 06, 2012

radmegan guestpost: GAC Pops: The perfect “light meal” for some, a sweet snack for others**

When the weather is hot and sticky, my husband likes to remind me that he COMPLETELY loses his appetite. “It’s too HOOOOOOT to eat.” While that’s well and good for HIM, late summer heat does the opposite to me. Every August I find myself eating LOADS. And not just loads, but junky loads. I invite my nieces over as an excuse to stock up on “kid food” i.e. candy, baked goods and quick-to-make salty fat bombs (anything vaguely fast-food related). I’d rather waste away like my husband does during bathing suit season, but thems the brakes.

Enter Costco: The land of bulk produce and swimming pool-sized cartons of mayo. Not the ideal shopping location for a childless pair (especially when one-half of this couple is seemingly on a fast) Here’s where you are wrong!

On a recent trip to Costco I went a little nuts buying things I felt were essential (mostly fresh fruit & veg. I do have good intentions…
 I came home and realized I had enough carrots to make an orange log cabin, so much toilet paper I could decorate every house in my neighborhood TWICE and enough apples to make something… that uses a lot of apples. So after I built an addition to our house out of TP rolls, I got out my juicer and looked at my mountain of fruit. I chopped up two pink lady apples, about 2 lbs of carrots and a thick wedge of ginger. It all went into the juicer.
Straight out of the juicer, this is a zinger of a beverage- and one that I’m sure many of you are already familiar with. I made two large glasses and called it breakfast for me and Mr. Rad (the non-eater.) I poured the remaining juice into Popsicle molds to see what would happen.
 What happened was a frozen delight of multiple colors and flavors. Instead of the juices staying blended together, they froze in bands of scrumptiously sweet and spicy apple and transitioned into a creamy, mild bed of carrot puree. In the last month, I’ve easily made 40 popsicles with this exact combo. We CANNOT get enough of them.
My husband eats them as a ”light dinner” And I eat them whenever the heck I want! It’s a sweet treat that has loads of vitamins in it, and has actually helped (somewhat) curb my cravings for the garbage I HAD been eating!  I know apples, carrots and ginger are a common combo for juices, but as a frozen treat, theses have become our go-to dessert (and breakfast, and lunch, mid-morning snack, afternoon snack, post work-out snack etc.). And they are a great way to use up colossal amounts of carrots and apples without batting an eyelash!

Hope you enjoy these! Thanks to JEK for asking me to share this guest post with you all!

**This post brought to you by the ever fabulous Megan of rad megan: in words and pictures. Megan was rad enough to help me out here in dillyland while the mister and I trip the road fantastic for a few weeks. Check out the awesomenss she has whipped up for you!

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