Friday, May 04, 2007

Photobooth Friday: I know you are but what am I?

I seem to have Pee-Wee on my mind. Many years ago when I joined I frantically tried acquiring Pee-Wee portraits for my wall. I had quite a few artists and swaps lined up but only one turned out to follow through and she created this wonderful big eyed Pee-Wee with a lobster claw and tail. Creepy and perfect for me. A few years before that I purchased a Pee-Wee portrait painted on an old film tin. And that was it until I started swapping thru flickr. The loverly Lilia created this bit of glittery goodness and the super duper nifty Barbara created cupcake toppers for me. Eeps! I lurve Pee-Wee! And Christine, creator of kitsch, painter of chickens & robots and wearer of squishy spikey caps created the fabulous fauxtobooth strip you see here. Sigh. I'm so feeling the lurve right now. So much so that I am now having the amazingly talented Christel who painted this for Mr.A-go-go's Christmas gift paint me a Pee-Wee. Yeah, you could say I have Pee-Wee on the brain.

I dreamt of super niftiness early this morning. The kind of niftiness that is so normal and yet really crazy and fabulous that when you do finally wake up you can't but help feel disappointed. It may not seem fabulous to you but I found myself in my teenage neighborhood and on my way to my present school when I found an old vintage poster of some sort of fabulous elephanty circus fun and when I went to pick it up I found a pile of oodles and bits and in that pile there were old photobooth strips of my family I never knew existed and an orange sweater vest with a knitted purple lobster all across the back and tchotchkes galore. Sure I was crawling around a filthy pile of junk and mud and who knows what but there were old photobooth strips and vintage clothes that FIT me and green mary janes and vintage children's books with clowns in them. When I was done searching I had to get everything into the car but first I had to take out the toilet paper that my brother picked up and the package was huger than huge like some sort of super duper size and I felt like a magician who pulls the never endng scarf out of his hat only I was tug, tug, tugging away at the largest bulk pack of toilet paper in the world! Then I thought to myself how I could use one of the strips I found for Photobooth Friday and then I realized that is was Friday and I didnt have class on Friday and then I woke up to the Witch-Baby's cold nose on my neck. The reality of reality sunk in and I felt like the seven year old me who dreamt about finding a Hello Kitty rack of goodness in the livingroom only to find a snoring sleeping brother on the floor when she woke up. Man, sometimes I have the best dreams.

Today I get to play at Tinker and I know you are all jealous. I'm also crave, crave, craving some sort of baked goodness but cannot decide if I shall do the baking or if I will attempt to hunt down something in a cake shop or not. Either way, I'll take pictures of course!

Happy Friday folks and Happy day before the BIG DAY to you Ms. Magpie! May it be as exciting as finding a purple and orange sweater vest on the side of the road. I wish you and the sweets a most fabulous of fabulousness. *mwah*


  1. I loved your dream description. I have these same sorts of dreams too, mine usually involve "The best thrift store EVER" where I find every item I have ever wished that I could find...... then I wake up. It's kind of a bummer way to begin a Friday. :( You seem to have recovered nicely though! :)

  2. acumamakiki4:46 PM

    I love this story - I am a huge Pee-Wee fan and had a Pee-Wee doll on my toilet for years. Wonder what happened to him??
    I'm heading to Philly this weekend for some thrifting love with my best friend - cross your fingers for me that I'll turn up something dreamy.

  3. eviedee, i have this reoccuring dream with this make believe thrift shop that is in a real place from my teen nieghborhood but there never was a thrift shop there and whenever i dream aobut it i find the best vintage goodies for super cheap like circle skirts and mrs. brady pants and polkadot sheets! i swear i shopp there in my dreams every month!

    acumama- my pee-wee doll sits high up on a shelf. he is of the nontalking sort and he is sitting next to ed grimley and beetlejuice...;) happy thrifting karma to you!

  4. Aw schucks, Thanks Jessica! Sweets and I are in the final countdown now. Just a few more hours to go. Whee. Thanks for thinking of us. xoxo Miss Magppie