Monday, May 27, 2013

hands off the wheel

i'm currently enrolled in a nifty cognition class. it's all about how the brain works and how to work with people and children for maximum benefit. actually, that isn't true but that is what i am taking from the class.

i love school. i love class. at least, i love the school i am in and the classes i have been taking. you know how you've got your method actors who immerse themselves in their characters? well, i'm a method student. i'm a gal who becomes a walking, talking, thinking analyzer of...fill in the blank here. i have always been this way. i'm fine with it now but back whenever, when i was younger and those around me just as so, i came off as smarmy or a know-it-all but really what i was doing was real time application. i can only learn through the process of taking it in and playing around with it. my thought process eventually goes live and that little censor in my head that usually keeps my thoughts all tucked away and in perfect behavior, takes an extra long lunch hour and i'm careening forward with my hands off the steering wheel.

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