Sunday, May 12, 2013

the week in review: may 6-12

Phew! What a week! In between butterfly fun with the preschoolers and prepping for our mini maker faire  (more about that later)and Mother's Day, this week was BUSY! I had grand plans (of course) for a week's worth of Mother's Day projects but ultimately there just wasn't any time. I'll get them done eventually and I still have to post all the Cinco de Mayo fun I put together...better late than never, right?

The week was packed with preschool work, doctor's appointments and one happy long overdue visit with a friend. And then came the weekend which was full, full, full! Mister was selling his ukuleles at the faire  (if yer on intasgram you can search for SLOMMF# and see his stuff) and we had friends visiting from L.A. so there was a lot of busy, a lot of fun, a lot of chatty-chatty, food, and laughter! We did dinner at Jocko's which was hysterically surprising and then breakfast at Kreuzberg which lasted for hours...

Mother's Day was spent hanging out with the family a-go-go and enjoying fresh baked brownies a la mode. The sister-ago-go's garden is in crazy bloom and I had a grand time wandering around and photographing the roses (including armies of spotted green cucumber beetles).

This week will be full of laundry and cleaning and hopefully getting those darn Cinco de Mayo posts up! Happy May!

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  1. that is the prettiest color lipstick xx