Wednesday, May 08, 2013

mother's day make: pom pom magnets

Yes folks, I'm STILL on my pom-pom kick. I just can't get enough, the options for color combos are so infinite or as infinite as my pocketbook and storage allows. My sister purchased a bright orange file cabinet for my nephew's house warming gift. She imagined it would make for great kitschy kitchen storage and wondered what kind of magnets she could make for it. Me being on this pom-pom kick, I came up with these! Whip up a batch of happy pom-pom magnets to gift yer  favorite kitschy mama or nana or auntie even. If yer mama uses a bulletin board, you can even turn 'em into fancy pushpins...I know, I did (photos coming soon)!

The first thing you will need to do is get yourself a couple of skeins of happy yarn and get to pom-pom making. You can buy a fancy maker, make your own, or use your hand. This method here might be easiest for your kiddos to try. I make mine by wrapping around my hand. This here is my favorite tutorial (thank you, Creature Comforts). To make the hand-wrapping go quicker, and to make your poms kickier, try wrapping three different colors of yarn at the same time. A thicker fuller pom uses about 50 wraps using three colors at the same time. When it comes to trimming your poms, trim close and tidy as you want a smaller, firmer pom-pom.

Button magnets are strong and universal. I pick mine up at the local craft store in the largest pack I can find (though I think I'm now going to order some online). I find myself making magnet gifts quite often. Use a strong flexible glue such as tacky, e-600, or hot melt glue. Yarn doesn't stick easily so make sure to use a good glue and let it dry overnight.


Package up in a cute bag, small box, or on a sheet of metal and give to your favorite mother-figure. Happy almost Mother's Day!

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