Wednesday, May 01, 2013

stuffity stuff and a mini may day garden

 Ever since the laptop took a dive I have had a difficult time blogging. When I refer to blogging I'm thinking of sharing my diy projects and recording the little bits that happen in the life of the a-go-go's. Life happens, is happening, and I want to remember the little details but man, do I miss the comfy hollow on the sofa where I would sit with the laptop perched atop my well cushioned lap and tippy-type away. I was so spoiled. I also really miss Photoshop. Editing my photos is a smidge less joy inducing and really now, I do even less editing than I did before because I have to which I suppose makes me think  more about the picture I am going to take. I'm still on my auto feature but I'm not worried about it. My photo skills are in my eye and not of the techie kind and I'm good with that. And golly I have so many photos to share...
Along with the photos are the lists and lists and lists of ideas for things to make even though I do not need to be making anything. I am not in need of anything only in want a new laptop and good walking shoes. I want to make things for the shop if only to use up the piles and piles of crafty bits I had accumulated when I thought I could craft for income. I still want to do that but this internet dealio is simply too enormous to be seen. I'm a small fish...etc...etc. Not trying to sound whiny, just being honest here and if anyone has any crafty leads please share! I'm in need of a summer job while I go back to school. So share way! 
So my goals for the summer are to make these piles and half-finished projects disappear. Either finish them or pack them up and send them on their merry way. The longer I sit on an idea the more I fear it will pop up on Pinterest and I will have missed that boat! The common creative and all that jazz. Golly. I have three years with of lists to get through. Three years! Let's see if I can pull it all off. 
For now, I will leave you with my tiny succulent garden project that I never wrote up but have photos of. I had wanted to plant my succulent cuttings in my pile of mini candy, tart, and gelatin molds so that I could gift them away for May Day (oh, Happy May Day!) and while I did get some of them planted and photographed, I never got them wrapped up and given head is too often in the clouds or in a notebook making lists or camped out in my hollow on the sofa rereading young adult yeah. Oh my it is May, isn't it?  I need to get that bed redid...I think that will be a good start and a ridiculous story to share...sooo if you ant to art it up with me, get yer hands on some sturdy cardboard, scissors, tacky glue and chunky yarn. To be continued...lookie my tiny garden project...

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