Saturday, June 01, 2013

scrumdilly diy: crepe paper cupcake toppers

I made these happy little cupcake toppers for Cinco de Mayo but I think they are delightful for any occasion. All you would need to do is change your color scheme to suit.

crepe paper streamers
toothpicks or food picks
sturdy craft glue
glue stick
embroidery floss or bendable wire

Creating these happy toppers is just like creating tissue paper or coffee filter flowers, the only difference is that you are working small.

 Cut a piece of streamer about six to eight inches in length and accordion fold it onto itself. 

Use a pair of scissors to round out the ends or add points. 

If you have bendy wire, twist the wire around the center of each folded piece (I purchased my wire many years ago and can't seem to find the source but it is a bit like this.) If you do not have wire, tie a length of embroidery floss around the center and knot it.

Fluff out your flower shape and use a dab of glue stick to adhere your crepe paper ends together. If you do not have a glue stick or your glue stick is lacking, use a dab of good old white glue and let dry.

To finish, wrap wire ends around your toothpicks or food picks and add a bit of glue to secure or use your glue to attach your thread knotted flowers.


Pop into any cupcake and enjoy! I doctored up a box mix with extra cocoa and cinnamon and topped the cakes with barely sweetened whipped cream and sprinkles! Can't forget the sprinkles, have fun!


  1. Stumbled upon this...SUPER CUTE! I have loved all the fab craft projects you have concocted and shared on your blog! Cheers....

    1. Thank you mucho mucho! I hope you get a chance to get all gluey and paper scrappy!

  2. This is beautifully done, and simple. We stumbled upon it and shared it on our Pinterest board and now we are sharing the tutorial on our Facebook Page. We are an Italian company that manufactures crepe & tissue paper. Our followers will love it, especially for summer parties. Thank you for sharing this colorful piece. Have a great day! ;)