Tuesday, June 11, 2013

scenes from the mister's birthday

 We had the family a-go-go  over for homemade lemon buttermilk ice cream and snacks. i made a blackberry sauce for the ice cream and we set up some cones and cookies in case the whimsy took over. Our cupboards were cleaned out trying to find enough glasses for water and lemonade (and spoons, golly we have no spoons!) but it was all good and it was a kick in the pants, it was!  Rainbow sprinkles kind of make everything just a tad more festive, don't ya think? After mr. a-go-go opened his gifts, I passed around all the homemade cards mister made for me over the years. That boy sure has mad skills. Sigh. I find him quite dreamy. Adore.


  1. Anonymous11:51 AM

    Looks like a very grand birthday party, or any kind of party, for that matter. Love the target bowls. Almost makes me wish I need bowls. But, I don't.

    1. happily stacked bowls are surely a mood inducer. thank you for the party lurve!