Monday, June 17, 2013

the week in review: june 10-16

If I were to go by this photo collage it would appear my week was all about food. Sadly, in a way, ti was. Not really but pretty food abounded and so I snapped away. It was the last week at the preschool until Fall and so I have a lot of photos of the children eating Otter Pops and mixing paint on a painting lathe. It was also just a busy errand-full week and in between these errands I smooshed in some crafty bits and a tiny bit of reading time.

So here ya a reminder to myself and for the week in review...

I finally held off on grocery store shopping so I could pick up organic goodies from the farmer's market. We eat a lot of cauliflower in the tiny casa.

scrumdilly-do! got a few Father's Day projects listed and there were two birthdays this week...the mister's was on Monday and the zoe-cat's (my niece actually) was on Thursday. I actually got her goodies wrapped up and mailed in time. Go me!

At the market we picked up some amazing strawberries! Then I made some amazing egg puffs. When one has strawberries, one makes egg puffs. It's just how it is.

Over the weekend we headed over to a friend's for our first official ingredient club meeting. We are trying to come up with a better name but the deal is that two ingredients are randomly picked and you bring at least one dish utilizing one or both ingredients along with recipes. Our first gathering as a hullaballoo of artichokes and cranberries. If you think that is weird, just wait for meeting number two...butter and marshmallow...we gotta git creative so we're not all a sugared out. I've been pinning ideas like crazy. It's enough to keep a girl up all night. Pictured in the collage is our hostess who is among other things a puppet maker.

Along with Father/s Day crafting I put together a July 4th door wreath dealio. I'll get the diy up soon,..more yummy farmer's market groceries, another Father's Day project, painting fun and one of my contributions to the food party....cranberry, cherry, garlic glaze for a wild rice and sauteed artichoke dish. That glaze is tasty!

Along with eating artichoke based foodstuffs we played with puppets and captured bubbles. This little guy is another handmade creation. So cool! Mister had the partner on his hand and is a much better puppet player than I am even if his puppet voice sounds like a mix between Christopher Walken and Ren.

So there ya go, my week in review. A wrangling kiddos, painting paper, mailing packages, reading, movie watching (I watched Endless Love for the first time...for reals!), closet organizing, grocery shopping kind of week.

This week will be a bit more adventurous as I will not be at the school and some of my favorite peoples will be here. Hooray!

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