Saturday, July 21, 2012

when life gives you defrosted blueberries...

You make muffins!

As I mentioned before in a previous post, the mama a-go-go's fridge threw a tantrum and turned itself off. We didn't fully notice until most of the freezer was defrosted and so had to work creatively on using up those ingredients for all sorts of meals. There was a cup of once-fresh blueberries i nthe mix and so I made muffins.
I mostly used this recipe but substituted coconut milk for regular milk and I brown sugar for the topping instead of white. Oh, and only two tablespoons of unsalted butter as that is all I had on hand. The recipe is for six jumbo muffins. I do not have a jumbo muffin pan and so I made twelve smaller muffins.
I really like this recipe, it all comes together super quick and like I said, it is a super dense muffin full of flavor. I completely forgot to add baking powder, maybe that is why they were so dense?  They also did not brown up too much but the flavor does more than compensate. I baked them to take with us on our mini road trip but they didn't last that long as they got gobbled up by many of us a-go-gos. I need to get more!

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