Thursday, July 05, 2012

it's IS July, isn't it?

this pic has nothing to do with this post but i needed something and this looks festive enough. right?

It's almost noon folks and I am huddled on the floral sofa with a quilty-quilt wrapped around my person; still in pajamas with a sloppy sweater and polka-dots socks on to keep the chill off. The tiny casa is darkity-dark and the June gloom has not got the memo that July is in town. There are enormous seagulls flying about, screeching away and not a tossed trash can in site. IT makes me think of storm weather here on the central coast only the skies are simply a sheer wall of pale grey not dark and stormy.

My to-do list is longer than long and the one I wrote out a few days ago only has one thing crossed off. The other to-dos should have been finished (or started) before the fourth and it seems I was in lala-land so I may or may not get to those festive bits and if I do I may sit on them until next year...sigh. Today however is the mama a-go-go's birthday and so all my to-dos need to be done to-day! They include gift making/finishing, sandwich prep, recipe finding and market going. But first I need to warm up and then make myself presentable (red, white and blue and all) but all I want to do is huddle on the sofa and look at pretty things online.

At least the dishes are done.

And the bed is made. I still need to take better pictures but it is too dark right now. Did I mention it is almost noon? What's up with this gloomy gloom? Speaking of gloomy gloom. Mister bit it on his bike yesterday. Bit it a bit badly, his poor back has road rash and he was only on a bicycle in a mostly stopped position. Our town is pretty bike-friendly but our drivers are not. Mister was signaling left and merging into the middle of the street for his turn. The coast was all clear as he began his merge but a driver shot around the corner all fast and wily-nily which made the mister quickly correct his merge but he lost his balance and had to make a split decision to easily fall into the street or throw himself to the gutter so he wouldn't be in danger of being running over and so...throw himself he did. As it was hot he had no layers on and so he got scraped up BIG TIME. I had a freak out whilst cleaning it up and a part of his back was wretchedly icky (let's just say he is about as moley as I am..or he was). He has a sore neck and back and his helmet took the hit so now we need a new helmet for the boy. As he was collecting himself from his fall, various people who saw it happen all rushed to see if he was okay. He quickly popped up and with an animated golly-gee arm motion exclaimed "And that's why you wear a helmet folks!" Sigh. This is why I won't bike to work. I am not a fan of falling and people get impatient with cyclists even when we are following all the rules. We did end up biking to the sister a-go-go's last night for BBQ and then back to the homestead for firecracker fun and then back home and I made it up all hills without getting off and walking but the puffity-puff got to me big time and I had sea legs for a while after. Must keep it up, it only gets easier...right?

Okee dokee. I've given myself till noon to be lazy and then I must dash and craft and clean and cook. Feel free to nag me tomorrow for evidence of productivity. I need to be held accountable, thank goodness for blogging!


  1. Yipes!
    Tell the Mr. A go-go that I hope he heals swiftly! I come from a long line of bicyclists--but don't own a functional bike. Sigh. It's on my list.
    Good luck with your list! I know you can do it.

  2. Glad that Mr. A-go-go is relatively ok. It is a scary world to bike in some days.