Sunday, July 29, 2012

a home for my shoes

it seems i have been wearing the same glittery pair of flats all month long and i kinda have. i do have other shoes though and thanks to some perseverance, a plea to the thrift gods, a bit of spray adhesive, and a swath of a vintage sheet i now have a home for all those shoes i am not wearing.

seriously, i have been searching and searching for something, anything really, to house my wide shoe collection and a few weeks ago i lifted my eyes to the skies and said out loud, yes, out loud, upon entering the goodwill outlet...

something for my shoes please!
and there it was. a rinky-dink cheapo shelfy-dealio that was mine for the tune of $5.

i plopped it onto the backseat while the mister was looking elsewhere and it sat in our kitchen dining area for too many days...i lost count (it may have been weeks even...shhhh).

after stubbing my toe on it one too many times, i flipped it onto it's back, removed the shelves and sprayed it with adhesive.
i then positioned, repositioned and repositioned again a large swath of vintage sheet i had that was on top of a pile of stuff cluttering up one of the many cluttered surfaces in the casa.

i really should have measured and cut first but then this would have been done the moment i got it home if i were that kind of person. it could be smoother sure and it could be a bit less crooked but i don't care. it adds a bit of happy background to my shoes and well...there you go. a super easy DIY for when you feel the need to change something up.
everything fits so nicely save for the new pair of orangey-coral flats i splurged on at Target. and yes, $20 smackeroos is a splurge in this tiny casa. the photo could be better if the space between the foot of the bed and the wall were you know...spacious. i did entertain the idea of taking the whole thing out into the living room for a better shot but that is hardly keeping it real. the tiny casa is just that...tiny. 

**oh and please ignore my sorry collection of hoofers. i have flintstone feet and this silly notion that shoes should be comfortable so it seems i am attracted to shoes five year olds would wear if they never laid eyes on the television and something a blue-haired lady with rolled stockings might like. my boots and rollerskates are in the closet...i think.


  1. Love your yellow shoes.....

  2. its always great to score something at the thrift and especially great when it is something we really really need. great job!

  3. Bugitha3:17 PM

    Howdy! I just completed my sunday ritual of catching up on my favorite blogs. Very clever shoe caddy. Much cuter than the shoe racks made specifically for shoes!

    Glad you had a safe and lovely trip back to SLO. It was so fun seeing you two again!

  4. Love this project . . . Maybe because I used to have those vintage sheets.

  5. I agree. Shoes are to be comfortable - I occasionally try on a ridiculous pair of heels just to prove I still can't walk in them and get cramp because my foot only bends that way when I'm doing dance (I used to do a performing arts course you'd think this would assist me in heel wearing but it doesn't lol)

    So I wear my trainers or my DMs. I love shoes that are comfy that I can just throw on and leave the house with. That if needs be I can run for the bus without feeling like I'm going to break my ankle or my neck.