Thursday, July 19, 2012

my mister makes music

the cookie tin dulcimer
 When I first met the mister, he played bass guitar in a band. He even wrote a few of the songs. He never had any interest for being in a band, not exactly, but his friend at the time wanted to form a group and so he learned how to play the bass. They were a quirky college type band and even performed in a few clubs, and were included in a compilation or two. The band kinda dissolved with no cohesive method for breaking up, they just started practicing more with new people...not the mister. Word on the street is they reformed with a new name but some of the same songs. Isn't that how bands work though? I still kinda like them though.
playing the banjo uke
So after that fell apart, the mister started playing the ukulele. My oldest gal and pseudo-little sister gave us one as a wedding gift. Mister can noodle along quite nicely and I love to listen to him play. He plays a lot of oldies, The Cramps, and a Queen song or two. My brother gave us a banjo uke and soon the mister made a uke of sorts out of a cigar box.

Not only can he play the uke but boy-howdy, can that fella whistle. I think I love hearing him whistle more than noodle along on the ukulele. When he whistles, that means he is happy and a happy fella beats the pants off an unhappy guy.
the tune-a-fish special
Before we left on The BIG Road Trip, the mister made a cookie tin dulcimer and a canjo out of a tuna-fish can. You play it with a pick and a wine bottle slide. He even crafted up a bunch and sold them at Reform School. They are pretty nifty and come with a slide made by the mister.
my very own leftie
The mister is a researcher and so he began to figure out how instruments are made. After many trips to the drawing board, the mister is now making cookie tin ukuleles and I think they are the bees knees. I even have my own which is useful for hammering out The Wheels on the Bus to a group of tone-deaf toddlers. Recently he crafted a custom order and made his first sale.
this is my favorite

the fret board is cocobolo
his first custom order
 Whoo-hoo for the mister and his musical ways. Aren't them ukes pretty?


  1. What a wonderful post! Warms my heart and makes me smile. :)

  2. Nice uke mister!

  3. "a happy fella beats the pants off an unhappy guy"
    i'm imagining the photo that goes along with that caption

  4. I love the use of the fork and bobbin! :)