Tuesday, March 27, 2012

fuzzy wuzzy

 I've been experiencing a case of bad brain as of late. Not the kind of bad brain where the world is dark and gloomy and not the kind where I'm feeling all failure-like but the kind where my brains has ceased to function. It's all cloudy and fuzzy and I have become forgetful. We can blame it on the weather or maybe my thyroid or perhaps it is the menopause or the extra pounds on my body but I lay blame on all the pollen that has been careening about the pretty air here on both clear days and wet. I have been a bleary-eyed, runny nosed, lethargic, sneezy mess. Ugh, allergies.

I have also been quite forgetful and fuzzy and foggy and a wee bit clueless even. I woke up (almost) bright and early and (almost) ready to go. I (kinda) knew the plan for the day but did any of it get done? Sigh. Not only did I not really accomplish much other than the promised scones to the mister and some dinner prep, I managed to forget the staff meeting that was scheduled for today. I knew it was today, at least, I knew it was to be on March 27. I just...um...forgot today was the 27th. Yeesh!

And here I type something other than what I had wanted to because these darn allergies made me forget what I was going to type. See? It's a trap and I am completely useless...for now. I hope tomorrow will prove to be less fuzzy, less snoofly and more something.

 And it is only Tuesday...uh-oh.

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