Wednesday, March 14, 2012

knocking on wood and melty melty goodness

 After trying to fall asleep for forty-five minutes or so, the mister finally found the source of the tick-tick-ticking that has been keeping me awake for the past week. The culprit was a tiny tin I had propped up on the headboard for a smidge of pretty. It was all my fault, me and my magpie ways. Sigh.

After the ticking stopped, I fell asleep as easy as pie and slept through till the morning with nary a fever or a chill. Even now as I type this, I am feeling mostly fine (we won't talk about my sinuses or how my ear hurts when I swallow). I am off to hang out with kiddos soon so let's hope I make it to the end of my shift. This time I am bringing a snack with me. Let's knock on all the wood we can find that this healthy streak holds up.

 Yesterday while trying to recover from the marathon sleep session, I managed a load of laundry, an errand run and a batch of homemade animal circus cookies. Today will be work, errands, another load of laundry and hopefully a rainbow project or two for the 'do. Happy Wednesday!

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