Wednesday, March 21, 2012

i like beer... my bread.
 Last month I found this nifty recipe through Pinterest and immediately set out to make it. I even got carded buying the brew, how cool is that? This recipe is super-duper easy and quite tasty as a savory side or smothered with butter and jam. We have never had enough left over to try making grilled cheese with it but someday I hope to do just that.
If you try this, go for the lightest beer you can find. Miller Light works dandy and in fact is even better than a Pilsner which has too much flavor. We found that using a cold brew makes for a better texture and you can use a bit less melted butter on top. Either go for an unsalted butter bath with some coarse salt ground on top or use a small amount of salted butter and omit the salt. Happy baking.
Beer Bread on Pinterest. Found via Mint with original recipe from Honest Fare. I can't seem to get into Honest Fare to link it up...I'll add it as soon as I can get in.

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