Tuesday, July 05, 2011

scenes from the 4th...

 mister a-go-go and I joined the sister a-go-go jr. & family for a July 4th picnic and fireworks adventure on the beach. With the adventure bag full of picnic food; quilt and camera in hand, we were off! I didn't actually take many pics and only wished I'd wandered up to main street with it in hand to capture the splendidity of red, white & blue. Instead, you get happy colors and sand...
 Earlier in the day there was a sandcastle contest. Most of the sculptures had been washed away and/or destroyed by the time we got there. It didn't stop the nephew from a lickity-split tour only an eight year old could deliver. He dashed about from one to the other faster than we could approach the first one. Reminded me of a zoo adventure with some nanny charges years ago. Ah, the attention span of a child who has many interests and too much to see. It was especially nice to see him holler out "Hey! That man is destroying the crab!" as we watched an adult kick in a sand sculpture with barely an expression on his face. Ah, humanity (I know, my punctuation is horrible, it always has been).
 I wandered up to the main street once to accompany the brother-a-go-go (in law) for a cuppa. The tiny coffee shop we wandered into had almost been cleaned out. I wish I had remembered to bring my travel mug as they were all out of lids. However the cup did make a nice receptacle for our cherry pits.
 And I only slightly regret drinking that coffee as I forgot about beverage consequences and the need to relieve one's bladdery-bits. Relievance of such kind is never a walk in the park when at a happily populated event and portable privacy chamber (pots). Have I told you how much I love my p-style? Seriously. I really do. If objects could be married to, this would be my honey-bunny. Girlie-friends, if you do not have one, you MUST remedy this (and you, my friend, consider yourself remedied, times two).
 The nephew a-go-go dug himself a fox-hole in which to observe the fireworks (which were spectacular). He spent the entire day digging away and assisted a neighboring group of older boys in a hole so deep it filled with water and we were quite a ways away from the waves. My favorite moment was overhearing him scold an older boy who was throwing, THROWING  a real honest-to-goodness sharp-tippy-tipped shovel as if it were a missile. His words were..."Dude, seriously, you need to stop throwing the shovel. Seriously!" The boy has been hanging around me too much.
hope your 4th of July and/or Monday was dandy!

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  1. Sounds SO fun! And can't you see stars (and I would assume FIREWORKS) more clearly from inside a cave mouth (or I would assume a HOLE)? I swear I read that somewhere...?

    And wouldn't you know, Santa brought both the 'Za and I Pee-Styles in our stockings this year!!!