Friday, July 22, 2011

friday's confessional: july 22

Sorry folks, I have no energy for a confessional today unless you want me to wax poetic over my love of So you Think You Can Dance and/or America's Next Top Model. I may not watch any other reality shows but I can't seem to turn my head away for these two. I even find myself jazz walking around the homestead during the commercial breaks. I'm THAT dorky. I do love to dance though. I wish I had stuck with it.

Now that we're moving into the new tiny casa, we're finding that the more realistic rent (meaning NOT what we were lucky enough to pay in L.A.) may be keeping us from any technological-ness. We have a phone that actually plugs into the wall (recently purchased for two smackeroos) and we may have a boxy-boxy television that will hopefully accept our digital box but there really isn't any extra moolah for internet or cable. Cable I can totally live without but internet? Aack! We're looking into all the cheapy solutions, but in a town, on a street, shoulder to shoulder with college kids we may be hard pressed to actually get any speed out of anything.Thank goodness there is a 24 hour donut shop not too far from the new casa that offers up wifi. I wonder if I could get a job there?

This random assortment of pics includes our new-old phone which I will be doing something to and our new-old chairs which the mister will be doing something to. Actually, he already has as they were purchased black, so he has been sanding sanding sanding away at them for a week now.

Pics of the new tiny casa coming soon, soon, soon!

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  1. Idea: Remove the frontpiece of the phone (they pop out easily if I remember correctly) and Mod-Podge on a piece of pretty vintage wallpaper. That would look looooovely with the white phone, methinks!

    I'm excited to see how you desk out the new place. So many's nice to have a fresh start.