Saturday, July 30, 2011

i really shouldn't have

but I couldn't help it. I mean look at all that goodness. A kitchen bin in aqua with a rooster? It is so nifty I had to take a picture of it twice. A new-for-me vintage sheet for the (hopefully) soon-to-arrive new upsized mattress (now I need NEW vintage as all my OLD vintage is now too small for the bed)? And that throw, isn't it swooneriffic? It has tassels. TASSELS! Oh and the little tin molds are for a project I have in the noggin and the glass jar with the pink cherubs was just too pretty to pass up and the floral embroidered tote was because I had no available tote and this one was super pretty and priced just right.. And of course the trivet with the birdie tile and the rooster top simply had to come home with me. I spent $15 for the whole kit and caboodle. Just pretend I don't already have 3,472 boxes to unpack already, okay?


  1. oh gee that was a good haul. the cherubs? hysterical.

  2. aren't they hysterical? it looks like they are escorting a merry widow. bizarre!