Sunday, July 24, 2011


The New Tiny Casa!
living room & kitchen
I took these pics before we moved our plethora of doodads and boxes of kitsch into the space. At first it seemed quite daunting to think everything would fit. We know that everything came OUT of the tiny casa which was tinier than our new space but after living for more than a year without our stuff it would seem our stuff now freaks us out.
living room
This new space was built in the early 1950s and is so plentiful in closets and cabinets we can hardly contain ourselves knowing we can sort out doodads and kitsch so as not to become weighed down by it all. My goal is to further purge which will be difficult. Most of the objects I have been tightly holding onto were tightly in my grasp for the idea of more space someday. Mind you, not a whole lot more space but something akin to another bedroom or craft space. It doesn't look like the mister and I will be having that anytime soon and as much as I fell like at 40 I should be able to have "moved up" in the world of apartment living, I'm okay with letting go. I don't think I want to dig into my pocketbook of could-bes and let its emptiness color my world. As my friend Amy recently said to me...I'm going to embrace the life I have.
hall storage!
bedroom closet
And do you know? It's a pretty good one. This life that I have.


  1. It's adorable. I love the windows and the black and white checkered floor. You two are going to make it look so cute! Horray!

    Fritzi Marie

  2. The checkered floors are amazing! Can't wait to see your new space all jekified & a-go-go'd up!

  3. Yay! Your new place looks great (and all that storage it!)! Yes, it's a good life, indeed!