Monday, April 19, 2010

the week in review: april 12-18

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this is mister's last week at work, i need to hightail it over to urgent care and make sure i'm doing EVERYTHING i need to be so i can be healthy on the trip. on the phone, three docs told me i'm doing everything right but after four weeks of crying in the middle of the night because i am sooooo tired and can't breathe, i'm REALLY hoping there is something we're missing. this is the third time i can remember feeling this awful for this long and i cannot remember what i did to get better. bah!


  1. I don't know how you feel about such things (I tend towards "I'm skeptical, but I'll try it), but I know several people who together work to do herbal consultations. If you sent me a comprehensive list of your symptoms and the medications you take, I could get you a list of suggestions of things you could make into tea or take as tinctures. I figure a struggling immune system could use all the support it can get.

  2. aw thank you! i;ve always been interested in herbal remedies so after my hardcore doctor's regimen runs its course i'll let you know.

  3. i know i leave messages here and there on your blog and flicker ... but i just wanted to let you know that in the last few months (when i first discovered you) i have sooooooo enjoyed reading your posts(new and old) and looking at all your pictures daily. yours is one of a couple blogs that i never miss. you and your mister are such sweet, talented, thoughtful people and i wish the very best for both of you. have a blast on your up and comimg adventure and i hope the road leads you to all that you want out of life.