Thursday, April 15, 2010

aw sugar...

i did not intend to have a sugar filled day somehow it just happened. first off, i had a card for six free cupcakes at an awesome bakeshop (more on that later) and then i went to McDonald's for a coke but as I was pulling into the parking lot an employee came out with free samples of their mocha-something-frappa-somethin'and the cups were so wee and cute and topped with whipped cream (and chocolate sauce), how could i refuse? and then as i circled the the lot to exit, i met up with the same employee on the other side and he offered me another and well...can you blame me? they were really leetle, cross my heart. so there ya go, a day of better breathing, attempted errands and a leetle too much sugar (though i have not touched the cupcakes, those are waiting for the mister).


  1. Anonymous10:49 PM

    i don't know you, but, i know those are yummy cupcakes!!!

  2. omg.. cupcakes are seriously my best friends. and those look so delicious.

    i would love to open a cupcake shop. yum. altough i would die shortly after from eating to much sugar. yikes!

  3. hey anonymous! you are totally right and they are soooo good! i think they have gotten even better.

    michael-i too would love a bakeshop. cupcakes are almost too cute to eat. almost.

  4. those cupcakes look amazing! i wanna eat them all!