Wednesday, April 21, 2010

this morning

there is (as always) MUCH to be done before we head out on the BIG road trip. we're having a garage sale this saturday which still needs to be filled with garage sale stuff which means i have to scavenge through the chaos to see what i can part with...not fun when yer not supposed to be inhaling dust or anything. mister's last day of work is friday which means he's at work all day and doesn't particularly cotton to cleaning and rooting in the casa. but then again, there is so much chaos, it is hard not to want to get it all done. makes for cranky times and cranky times are not fun. i'm also trying, trying, trying to squeeze in last minute visits with all m'friends. gosh, i'm gonna miss you folks, yer all so swell and grand. i'm hoping that the garage sale will be a stand in as a going away party as i have no time at all to plan one and kinda secretly always wanted a party planned FOR me, ya know? we leave the casa in ten days. eeps! and since there is so much to do, i decided to chow done on a pretty breakfast of pumpkin muffin and hot ginger milk and then i decided i should take the dress dummy out to the garden and photograph it, why yes, i must. wouldn't you?


  1. I love your rational for things. And I would probably be doing very similar things if my schedule looks like yours!

    good luck with the sale- if I were closer you would be on my Sat. morning "saling" loop.

  2. darn....wish i could come to your yard sale. i will be down in san marcos at a drumline competition alllll day....phew! anyways i'll bet you have some nifty "must haves" and that it will all be a great success! good luck! what are ya sellin'?