Monday, October 05, 2009

the week in review: sep 28-oct 4

last week there was...baking, reading, scheming, writing, project making and netflixing in between. the weekend consisted of hiking, gardening, errands, costume making, and more reading. we also trekked on out to littlerock to hit up charlie brown farms (which is just as chaotic as its website) for some bbq that managed to keep us full until lunch the next day. the next day we trekked out for costume accoutrements and curry at india sweets ans spices (after all that bbq, we filled our meat quota for the week and needed some vegetarian fare.) the weather has FINALLY turned and it is almost cool enough for long sleeves. i am sooo excited. this week i need need need to finish up a major deadline, dive back into the purge and photograph projects and etsy goodies.

today i am taking my big brother thrift shopping and am gidddy, i tell ya. i love that guy! tonight we celebrate the lucy-goose's ninth birthday. nine? when did that happen? laterthis week, if all goes well, there may be a movie day with stacey and there will be a trek up to visit with family for the weekend. i am sooo happy jeppy deighted that it is october!


  1. Anonymous9:02 AM

    Your posts always leave me grinning from ear to ear...they make me feel giddy! You are one cool chick! x

  2. Autumn just sort of came all of a sudden here. It went from warm to very chilly nights in one 24 hour period, but since I don't have air (or heat), I am happy to stop sweating.
    I have been loving your color weeks, it is amazing how when given a project we see things that sort of were just part of the background before. I think it changes how we use our sight when we are shown a different way.
    I am busy with the table setting, so so busy. I found paper straws and ordered them and just received my chalkboard contact paper, am making abc flowers, glittered of course. You should be here helping me, it would be fun. Oh wait, I live in the Central Valley. Never mind, it's not that fun here. Any thoughts for a hall pass if the ladies need to use the bathroom, gaudy and embarrassing of course? I was considering a doll painted one bright color hanging from a chain or something but that might be a little too twisted.

  3. i love that great collection!