Monday, October 19, 2009

thirteen days of halloween: day 13

let's see if i can pull this off. i've always wanted to so here i am, putting the words to paper, so to speak, and am committing myself to this insanity. and since this is a countdown folks, we're starting with lucky number thirteen...what shall we make today?

old school crafty ghost garlands! okay, i'm cheating just a wee bit as i have just posted the ghost project on the 'do but lookie how fun it is to turn em into garlands!

pictures coming tomorrow..for now, click here to see what i am talking about!

all you need is your army of ghosts and a needle and embroidery thread. though, i suppose you can use fishing line which would make them look more spooky floaty.

and it only feels a little icky poking the needle into your wee ghostie's head. you may want to add the faces after...maybe it's just me...i am a bit of a softie.

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