Tuesday, October 13, 2009

the week in review: october 4-12

a day late but the holiday took priority...and we were on the road...let's see, last week was kinda crazy busy and full of stuff. i was out and about helping some peeps out and running errands like crazy. monday i hit the thrift with my big brother, LOVE hanging out with him. tuesday was a crazy writing day. had many deadlines to finish and it felt like there was no time at all to do it all. mr. a-go-go was sick both those days so my usual rhythm of the day was even more wonky than usual. i did drag him out for ice cream and gift shopping for this fabulous lady. heehee. wednesday was more writing, more deadlines and some walking errands. thursday was a planned movie day that turned into lunch, shopping and old neighborhood visiting. friday was more of the same and then we hit the road at the crack of dawn to travel up northish for a weekend with the family where we went to an apple farm and a pumpkin patch. we ate noodles and burgers and yummy homemade soup. we played ukes, uno and yahtzee and had a grand time just hanging out. a pretty good week, fabulous even! this week will be more deadlines, more errands and hopefully i will be able to find time to dive back into the purge. wanna have it done already so i can throw a truffle party or somethin'. happy october!


  1. I really enjoy reading your posts and watching photos))

  2. Anonymous7:57 PM

    Atascadero and Templeton, lovely little hamlets. We pass through on our way to Morro Bay. Oh, and I used to ship cottonseed products to Templeton Grain & Feed in another life.

  3. thank you spacejam!

    dkzody-we love all those little otwns up there. it is such a pretty place...as long as they keep from developing it...aaack! how cool you had that other life!