Thursday, May 16, 2013

fiesta diy: crepe paper picado

I think I can officially be called a garland-maker. Maybe it's my calling. Stringing up bits of arted up paper makes me very, very, happy. For Cinco de Mayo, I created three different garlands. I am a big fan of the beautiful papel picados that hang all over Olvera St. in Los Angeles and wantd to infuse that kind of happy into the tiny casa.

To create this garland, you will need a few different colors of crepe paper which can be found in the party aisle at most supermarkets, drugstores, big box stores, party stores, etsy, and online. I used a large sheet of white paper to start (you tend to have these things when you teach kiddos art) but I think this could translate onto index cards as well. Truth told, the large sheet of paper will create four flags quicker than using index cards but any type of paper will work...even old magazine pages will suffice.

*11 1/2" X 17" paper or other large/scratch paper
*5-6 colors of crepe paper streamers

Gather up your large sheet of paper and cut in half lengthwise. Roll out a length of streamer so that is matches the length of your paper, cut. Gather up the remaining colors of streamer and trim to match.

Roll up a length of streamer so that is about two to three inches across. Use your scissors to scallop, fringe or zig-zag the bottom edge. When you unroll it, the whole length of streamer will be happily festive. Repeat for each color and vary your trimming. I made a few scalloped, a couple trimmed and one was left alone.

Working from the bottom up, apply a line of glue about an inch from the bootom that travels from one end of your paper to the other. Gently press down your first choice of streamer. Next ,add another line of glue in the same manner about half and inch from the top of the first streamer and press your next layer down. Repeat for all of your colors. If your paper is too tall, simply trim the top blank edge. Set aside to dry.

Once dry, flip over paper and trim excess crepe paper. Next, cut fringed sheet in half to create two happy flags. Repeat entire process until you have the number of flags you like. To create your galrand, stitch across the top of your flags with a sewing machine or staple a length of ribbon or bias tape across the top. You can also glue a wide width length of bias tape or ribbon along the tops. There are many ways to turn your flags into a banner. Take a look at what you have available and run with it. Clothespins and paperclips will work as well.  Dîas Felices!


  1. Love this one . . . official garland maker - what a great thing! I think when we find those things that we love to do . . . it is so important to do them and do them with passion. It shows that you enjoy making the garlands . . . and in turn your readers love seeing them and being inspired. Now I have to find time to make pom poms & garlands!

  2. superb... love this one what a amazing thinkingggg..