Friday, September 20, 2013

with a cluck, cluck here....

In the house (er...condo) I grew up in, we were big mug users. I drank cocoa, tea, milk, ovaltine, and/or juice either from one of my mother's mugs or one of those mawd-awful plastic dollar-days tumblers that were all over the place in the 80s. I write "mother's mugs" as I had always assumed the assortment of mugs that dangled from the accordion rack to the left of the sink was a collection of sorts and that they were more specifically, my mother's collection. One of her many collections...dolls...thimbles...tea cups...plants...there were a lot of collections. Now you know where I get it from.

One of the first things I wanted for the now-defunct (new) tiny casa was an accordion rack just like my mamos' to hang my wee collection of vintage mugs from. My goal was to acquire an assortment of chicken mugs to clutch together on the hook and coo to their hearts content. The acquisition of said rack took a few weeks (thrifting with a goal is always fun) and maybe a few squabbles with the mister but success was had. Not only did I find one rack, but I found two. The first rack had knobs that were too big (that sounds a little dirty...eeps!) but the second rack was just right. Actually it was perfect as the color was a most delightful shade of curry yellow and no painting needed to be done. Al I needed was a few more chicken mugs to accompany my first one gifted to me by a most favorite person.

So every thrift visit had me searching, searching, searching the toppling towers of kitschy mugs for the one gem that featured a hen or rooster or chick. Sadly, my thrifting mojo only ever conjured a single cluck but etsy twice made me happy and then target once with a delightful Good Morning mug...and then finally, after a visit or two to a few local shops I had a small coop fairly full...eight out of ten ain't bad.

Figures it took me until the last week in the now defunct (tiny) casa but at least I got the pictures to prove it!

Goodbye happy rack of mugs...


  1. Idea: electric kettle and mug rack in your New Faboo Craft Room!!!!!

    (also: awwww shucks... me too re: you!)

  2. They are all adorable! I especially like the one on the far right :)

    1. thank you! that one was an etsy find. I LOVE it!