Thursday, September 12, 2013

oh geeze...

and eegads!

It seems my last post may have fallen victim to TLDR (too long didn't read). What I meant as a post about understanding the culture of self and adapting to the other somehow lent itself to a bit of wonkiness in our wedded bliss. Along with a few comments there were a handful of worried emails agreeing that marriage was hard and all that jazz and what I want to clarify is that I'm sorry if my long and windy rambling had you worried so. And thank you for your concern but things in a-go-go land are puttering along with dizzy bits, dancing spells, confusing conversations, hip checks and lots of laughing. We're good and sometimes grumpy as I suppose most all of us are.


My rant was mostly the culmination of too many people expecting me to accommodate them without them accommodating me. I had had it up to here and exploded all over blog land. Sheesh! I don't like games and hints and clues, come right out and tell me and we'll move forward. Also, if you REALLY need to contact me stop leaving passive aggressive messages on my FB and phone and just email me already. Capisce? (can you tell I'm still cranky about it all)

The new job has been keeping me terribly busy and ridiculously joyful. And no...I have yet to tackle that darn front room painted all pale pink just for moi. It's a mess. I'm afraid it is even more a mess than it was then days ago. I have also misplaced some asthma meds and I have just about driven the mister up the wall with the search. So far...I have found doll parts, thrifted black paper placemats, ruffle bottomed skivvies, yarn, yarn, and more yarn, and the bag that held all the tchotchkes from Rodney back in 2012.

My wheezing has been on again off again which is why I need to find those meds. Also can I tell you how batty my eyebrows are driving me? I'm no good at making them pretty and it has been so long since they were that I dropped everything that needed doing on my first day off and hightailed it to my favorite brow place only to find it had closed. Waaaaaaah! It was a great $10 walk in place ad all the gals did a nifty job and now I need to find a fancy pants stylist and pay $30 to tame these Brooke Shields wannabes. Other than work, wheeziness, eyebrow stress and not unpacking, I may have immersed myself in a cheesy series of romance novels and I may be on the last in the series and I may be in search of some new reads so if you have any recommendations let me know! I read all sorts of stuff.

We've had constant warm temps up here and now that the days are a leetle bit shorter I find myself wanting to wear sweaters and scarves only it is too warm for that. Shoot. I also really need to get that room organized and a zillion other boxes unpacked so the mister can have his garage back. All I really want to do is make stuff...and read...and bake but I need to get that room finished so that I CAN do all that stuffity stuff. In the meantime there is pom pom making and family dinner fun and preschool fun....

It's all good...really...lookie all the fun things that have happened since...end of summer picnic seaside, weekend crafty gathering, cucumber and tomato sandwiches, not making the bed, and jazzing up my classroom thanks to a pile of tissue and many small hands!


  1. For the record I thought that post was GREAT and infinitely relatable. I'm sorry I don't always comment. XOXO

  2. i thought it was a great post too!

  3. Q: The Novel by Evan Mandery It's like part romance, part time travel, part's good stuff.

    The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern I can't even describe this one. I couldn't put it down though. It's very moody and gothic and gripping.