Saturday, September 28, 2013

this morning, this week, this month...

I woke up with my head full of horrible dreams, clogged up and stopped up ears, and feathered hair.

If only this were the 80s...the early 80s then maybe I would be rocking this feathered hair. No amount of coaxing, brushing, or gel-ing seems to work and I am far too lazy to soak my head and wait for it to dry and/or hunt down a hair dryer and do as a normal gal would.

Feathered hair it is. Methinks I will spend the day listening to The Runaways and Suzi Quatro...I mean, I would if I could find which box of cds they are in. CDs? CDs, you ask? Why yes, I am neither a girlie girl nor a person of this new tech-age for my ipod, my ancient third generation ipod has finally bit the dust and my uber cheap, pay-as-you-go trac phone does not play music. I have taken to listening to my old Nervousness swap mix cds in the's fun and kinda like a jukebox.

Not that I don't want an ipod or touch or smartphone...I just can't justify the cost or afford the monthly payments on a new phone. I am still in wanting of a new camera lens and shoes that don't make my feet hurt. In the scheme of things in my and a new camera lens are more important than portable tunes and a camera phone. Though golly, how much fun would it be to be able to hunt down any theme-worthy music for the kiddos at the school to go along with group time and how ice would it be for me to NOT knock my camera into yet another three-year-old's noggin?

For now, I wait and frugalize things even more than I have save for this week's thrifting excursion that ended in two stores, forty-bucks spent and the acquisition of two vintage books with nifty covers (photo propping), a jar of lavender buds (sensory binning), three wooden bowls (nature table), two gauzy summer tops (it's been HOT), three happy-cheery tops for cutting up (sweet november is fast approaching), five nicely name branded long-sleeves in anticipation of cooler weather (j.jill, banana republic, ann taylor...), and a slightly mothy cashmere wrap.

I would really, really like to wear that cashmere wrap....

It's still warm here...for us at least. Regular temps in the 80s with a smattering of 90s. We also have wind. Lovely pollen-carrying wind. I fear I will never be able to go outside again. I should really go outside. My legs need to walk and lungs do as well so I stay inside. My head is full, full, full of allergy gunk but not nearly as awful as it has been. I cannot think of the culprit this time around other than unpacking which is still a long, long way from the finish line. The heat combined with the allergies and the lack of shelf space for planning, along with my new work schedule and crazy exhaustion when I get home is not conducive to unpacking. Neither is my new back pain which could be from wee bodies throwing themselves atop me or it could be a dreaded kidney stone. I'm hoping for the general pain of thirty-pounds of energy jumping on top of me. Just in case, I am monitoring pain and drinking so very much water. Gulp. Gulp. Gulp.

It's crazy how quickly this month has flown by and how busy I have been and how little I seem to have accomplished. While the mister has been digging up the back lawn and building me shelves, all I have managed is to complete lesson plans, feed the three of us and keep myself from a full blown-over-the-top allergy attack....cough, sniff, wheeze! Though if this doesn't clear up soon I will be popping some pills for it Crossing fingers it all goes away...and soon!

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